NDI 3 Support

  • Improved performance and quality, especially for 4K sources
  • New right click menu option "Configure Source" for NDI-HX which will open up the cameras web page for further settings
  • New right click menu option Start/Stop Recording for NDI-HX sources which will start a recording in the camera's native MP4 format to the default vMix recording folder

New Shortcuts

  • NDIStartRecording
  • NDIStopRecording
  • PTZFocus commands (Sony VISCA over IP only)


  • Added PTZ Focus support for cameras supporting VISCA over IP. (Includes NewTek PTZ Camera)
  • Added support for RGB video formats with Instant Replay
  • Added PsF checkbox for NDI Inputs, useful for devices such as the Bird-Dog when connected to cameras sending a PsF signal.
  • Added new vMix Social templates
  • Updated version used by Web Browser input to support sites using new features such as WebSockets (such as Discord widgets)
  • Updated streaming SSL version to TLS 1.2
  • Instant Replay transitions will now play at the same speed regardless of slow motion. Can be changed back to old behavior in the replay settings.
  • Buttons such as the overlay bar will no longer dissapear from the transitions area if there is space available
  • Fixed custom aspect ratio in Image and NDI inputs from distorting MultiView layers
  • Fixed error on closing vMix for some VST3 plugins
  • Fixed bug when referencing MultiView layers in a loop across multiple inputs
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Rudy Engels

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