The Art of Learning


Failure. That's the word that best describes what happened last Tuesday.

Everything was working in pre-show and then I said "I'll mute my audio and let's start the show".

To cut a long story short, I started fully concentrated on my show and after twenty minutes I had a look at the YouTube chat. What I was reading there was not what I wanted to read...

No audio! No audio! No audio! No audio!

So, the first part of my show was completely without audio 🙁


What happened? I forgot to unmute my audio and wasn't paying attention to the chat, mail, ... My viewers were trying to contact me but I wasn't paying attention to anything.

I was so ashamed this happened but luckily for me the audience was very polite and helped me through the rest of the show.

A post about this was published on the WOLS Facebook Group and the reactions over there and the very good suggestions gave me the courage to continue.

Lesson learned and I'm going to make a pre-show checklist to avoid making the same and other possible mistakes.

We'll talk about this in next week's show.

Rudy Engels

Rudy knows exactly how difficult it is to start live streaming. He's constantly chasing after information to make things easier and better. When he's not busy doing that, he's probably looking at some other stuff...