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vMix is the program most of us are working with.

Because the owners are such great people, listening to their customer base and updating their program so fast, there’s a lot of information to be found and that’s where this category is all about.


  • NDI discovery fix for networks with IPv6 enabled or when no gateway is configured
  • Fixed some issues with certain VST3 plugins


  • On 7th February 2018 Facebook further restricted access to Page comments in its API.
    This resulted in vMix Social only showing the messages with the user details on each comment hidden.

    This update to vMix Social restores access to Facebook Page comments but only if the logged in user has admin access to that page.


  • vMix will now turn off NVIDIA Share (ShadowPlay) when running as this can result in a subsantial drop in performance.
  • Fixed NDI discovery issue on some systems with multiple network adapters
  • Reduced clicking noise when adjusting EQ levels
  • Full replay time remaining will now show in MultiView Output, including event time remaining when playing events.


NDI 3 Support

  • Improved performance and quality, especially for 4K sources
  • New right click menu option "Configure Source" for NDI-HX which will open up the cameras web page for further settings
  • New right click menu option Start/Stop Recording for NDI-HX sources which will start a recording in the camera's native MP4 format to the default vMix recording folder

New Shortcuts

  • NDIStartRecording
  • NDIStopRecording
  • PTZFocus commands (Sony VISCA over IP only)


  • Added PTZ Focus support for cameras supporting VISCA over IP. (Includes NewTek PTZ Camera)
  • Added support for RGB video formats with Instant Replay
  • Added PsF checkbox for NDI Inputs, useful for devices such as the Bird-Dog when connected to cameras sending a PsF signal.
  • Added new vMix Social templates
  • Updated version used by Web Browser input to support sites using new features such as WebSockets (such as Discord widgets)
  • Updated streaming SSL version to TLS 1.2
  • Instant Replay transitions will now play at the same speed regardless of slow motion. Can be changed back to old behavior in the replay settings.
  • Buttons such as the overlay bar will no longer dissapear from the transitions area if there is space available
  • Fixed custom aspect ratio in Image and NDI inputs from distorting MultiView layers
  • Fixed error on closing vMix for some VST3 plugins
  • Fixed bug when referencing MultiView layers in a loop across multiple inputs
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