I'm here to help you start live streaming!

There's so much knowledge on the internet about live streaming and many people are already producing a show. Still, so many amongst us hesitate to start their own production? Why? Maybe you are overwhelmed by the experienced live streamers, production techniques and equipment?

My main goal with this site is to help you taking the final hurdle. Let's educate each other and I promise you that you'll end up producing your own show!

Voice problems; no show...

Rudy Engels

About Rudy Engels

I'd love to teach and share information so everyone gets better.

I've been working on several projects so far but none of them have given my as much satisfaction as teaching. Knowledge belongs to everyone and if I can help people to become better live streamers I'm more than happy! I'm NOT a professional but because I'm an information addict, I'll constantly look things up and learn from other people. It's thanks to all these great people that I want to give something back to this incredible live streaming world! Read the full story here…

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